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MS Hair Success! TuT by Armelle-Kumakins MS Hair Success! TuT :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 8 4
Ain't Scared of Breasts
Before you viewers begin reading this you should be made aware that this is actually from a Hetalia High School RP me and my friend, dragon_fire_313, are in and so it's divided by "---" whenever the author/post changes. (AnimeSnowBunny briefly makes an appearance as England.) I'm going to try to edit out some of the references to other things going on in the RP not relevant to this moment, but I can't promise it won't have those every once in a while.
In this RP the states are more or less considered siblings for the sake of simplicity, but it's not a set rule. She plays Hawaii and I play Tennessee. The opening setting is at a Cultural Festival where Hawaii showed up walking around like this: Being mostly naked has obviously caused a lot of chaos and hilarity, but somehow wound down into perhaps the most significant TN and HI moment that will ever happen ever. I love the drama of it so much I had to put it all together here for l
:iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 5 4
Baby!TN with NC and Holly by Armelle-Kumakins Baby!TN with NC and Holly :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 10 13 Another Relations Thing (VANC) by Armelle-Kumakins Another Relations Thing (VANC) :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 7 6 So someone asked me about TN and SC's relations... by Armelle-Kumakins
Mature content
So someone asked me about TN and SC's relations... :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 7 4
Breeched (baby!MD and baby!VA) by Armelle-Kumakins Breeched (baby!MD and baby!VA) :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 8 30 MS Doodle Notes by Armelle-Kumakins MS Doodle Notes :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 12 18
Spamalot Stories (Stack 1)
My TN to dragon_fire_313's HI
Tennessee's cheeks were dark red as he followed Hawaii to her car. He was dragging his luggage with his orange tinted brown eyes cast downwards to avoid any potentially judging stares. The young man was so embarrassed when the tropical state had jumped him with a handmade collar constructed of flowers. Flowers were so girly and he didn't understand the concept of this lei thing. She told him it was a sign of affection for someone arriving or leaving, but he just didn't get why it had to be flowers.
Despite all his grumbling Andrew never once tried to remove or discard them even once they got to her home. He wasn't sure who had told her or if it had just been a lucky guess, but the entire lei was constructed from purple flowers...
... Tennessee loved purple flowers.
My FL to dragon_fire_313's HI (Also featuring her CA)
Florida never asked Hawaii to talk about it. He understood to some degree how she felt being dragged into the Union so he didn't a
:iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 4 4
Very Traditional HI Commission by Armelle-Kumakins
Mature content
Very Traditional HI Commission :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 6 4
MS ReDesign Test (w/LA) by Armelle-Kumakins MS ReDesign Test (w/LA) :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 10 14
Baby Bama: A Lonely Person
Alabama normally was a good boy and stayed at home while Georgia was away, but there were times when he journeyed out to his birthplace in the western territories. Though untamed and vast, they weren't nearly as dangerous as some of the other areas west of the great eastern states. Luckily his clever Big Brother Chrissy was friends with Creek and Cherokee so he didn't need to worry about them hurting him... For the most part. It was only natural incidents occurred once in a while, but he wasn't terribly worried about it. If something bad happened then his big brother would come get him!
The only real problem with traveling alone was that he had strict instructions to write every day so his family would know he was still safe. Bleh. Hopefully his letters had reached his brother safely so he wouldn't get in trouble. Last time there had been a mix up with the mail and Georgia almost called out an entire army to find out what happened to him after a few days without receiving a letter. Chr
:iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 2 6
Rainbow Division Derp by Armelle-Kumakins Rainbow Division Derp :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 11 6 Join Me... (SCVA) by Armelle-Kumakins Join Me... (SCVA) :iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 24 27
Florida and New York: Apples and Peaches
Though the Empire State hadn't been thrilled with the move, let's face it, the middle class of New York City was in trouble and he needed to go find jobs for his people elsewhere. Luckily the number of foreign immigrants coming to his city more than made up for the losses, but it was still unpleasant and he worried about his people striking out on their own. Downgrading could be stressful, after all.
This had been going on for decades, but with the recent economic downturns it seemed to become more and more prominent of an issue to him. Chicago and Detroit were in just as bad of shape as his own city and were being drained of their middle class, too. There was L.A. but that was so far away and California was so... Californian. Good for a visit and a fine business associate, but he could never get passed how overly laid-back she was about some things. Miami was a great place and Espen was terribly fond of Florida, but... sometimes he got the impression he had overstayed his welcome. Rut
:iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 4 15
The Sword of the Lord and Gideon
"...Oh, God of Battle, arise in Thy might. Avenge the slaughter of Thy people. Confound those who plot for our destruction. Crown this mighty effort with victory, and smite those who exalt themselves against liberty and justice and truth. Help us as good soldiers to wield the SWORD OF THE LORD AND GIDEON. AMEN." --Samuel Doak, 1780 prior to the Battle of King's Mountain
Tennessee had heard it explained to him many times before, but he never quite accepted what everyone said about Georgia. North and South Carolina said that being a buffer and soldier was the reason he was born and it was in his nature to fight with Florida. The two military provinces had been designed to defend their respective elders with Georgia protecting South Carolina and Florida defending Cuba. Thus, they were forever destined to be in conflict with one another. According to George Christian himself, if got hurt that was simply a part of his purpose as a shield. Andrew couldn't understand such things.
He never had
:iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 3 10
Baby Bama: Fishing Pond
Alabama was practically frolicking as he kept his fishing pole, which was easily twice as long as he was tall, clutched in his little hands. He had been waiting all day for Georgia to take him fishing and he was confident he was going to find the biggest, meanest and tastiest catfish in the South. The territory scrambled up a small slope so he could get a better view of their goal. His honey eyes sparkled with glee and wonder as he looked at the modest pond on the outskirts of his brother's Savannah property. He squealed and started to make a mad dash for the edge when two strong hands scooped him up.
"James! Situation awareness!" the militant state of Georgia gasped as he clutched the little boy against his chest with a frown somewhere between stern, frustrated and concerned. The blonde, amber eyed child just blinked up at his brother and guardian in confusion. Awareness about what? He looked down and finally noticed a child sized hole that he had almost stepped right into. When did t
:iconarmelle-kumakins:Armelle-Kumakins 3 8


G1 for newbies: Wind Whistler by C-Puff G1 for newbies: Wind Whistler :iconc-puff:C-Puff 167 32 noses by kaalashnikov noses :iconkaalashnikov:kaalashnikov 6,227 109 SAI Tutorial - Custom Brushes by DarlingMionette SAI Tutorial - Custom Brushes :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 7,867 934 face tutorial by Phobs face tutorial :iconphobs:Phobs 47,159 2,046
Had Things Been Different... Part 14
The room was dimly lit, the flicker of some candles providing the only source of light.  The two wine glasses by the bed poorly reflected back the image of the two bodies in the bed as the mingles and rolled along the sheets.  Passionate kisses couple with the occasional nip only made the sensual experience even more heated.  Rutilio's tan hands roamed over the pale skin of the woman he was caressing.  Her blond hair flowed over the pillows into a golden cluster.  Her breathing was heavy with small moans of excitement and pleasure as he continued to tease her.  "Christine..."
The moaning quickly stopped and the girl opened her brown eyes in surprise at the slip.  "Christine?!"  She sat up quickly, and Rutilio had enough experience with this to time his backing up to avoid a collision with his surprised partner.
"D- Did I saw Christine?  I meant Maria~."
The girl narrowed her eyes and frowned, and indignant blush spread across her face.
:iconkikikittyninja:KiKiKittyNinja 2 6
Birthplace of America's music by Alexander-Rowe Birthplace of America's music :iconalexander-rowe:Alexander-Rowe 47 22 Angels by humon Angels :iconhumon:humon 13,898 932 Heta-nauts by Cioccolatodorima Heta-nauts :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,054 227 Deja vu by Cioccolatodorima Deja vu :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,930 276 Afternoon Nap by Cioccolatodorima Afternoon Nap :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,233 140 a prince and his servant by Cuppae a prince and his servant :iconcuppae:Cuppae 117 21 Gwen rough by Hito76 Gwen rough :iconhito76:Hito76 547 97 Merlin Chibies by loveHinaSasu Merlin Chibies :iconlovehinasasu:loveHinaSasu 65 19 MRLN: one side is a warlock by bone-kun MRLN: one side is a warlock :iconbone-kun:bone-kun 376 21 arthur + merlin by FirelordPie arthur + merlin :iconfirelordpie:FirelordPie 60 14 Arthur and Merlin by PaLM-NoI Arthur and Merlin :iconpalm-noi:PaLM-NoI 267 14

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I'm really bad at bios, but my deviant ID being blank was starting to make me depressed. I mostly joined DeviantArt because of an RP I was playing where I started drawing the characters a lot. I suppose I'll upload those pictures here... I like to doodle scenes from RPs mostly.

... Now it's not blank! Yay for me? >_>;;



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Me and :iconkikikittyninja: were discussing my idea of a south Bama! Considering Southern Alabama was a lot more like Florida and closer to it a swell. We were just kicking around names, and since this was your Bama's name, but it was just so fitting considering Georgia woulda named him James, and all...Would you mind if I called him James??
Armelle-Kumakins Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't have a problem with you using the name James, but wouldn't that name be more appropriate for the North Alabama if you're going to split him in half? GA never actually owned Mobile, after all. It only became a part of Alabama over ten years (I think) after Alabama was separated from GA and became part of the Mississippi Territory. Until then Mobile belonged to Florida. (Which is why I don't start my AL at Mobile to be honest.) Although, I guess even then Mobile and the area that was attached to it wasn't that big of a chunk of southern Alabama, either... Hm...
boo133 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Yea....And come to think of it, the North would be considered younger, since he was the last one colonized...But Alabama split when They gave southern Alabama to Florida, but it was originally colonized by the French and British, so he'd be closer to FL, but also enjoy the company of big brother George..Plus, since North AL is so close to George, He thought it'd be better to let him come up with a name for him, since he'd be around Florida, much more than him......Though Flowers gave him a nickname...I'll let you decide the nickname though...
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